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The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) hosted a public meeting on Feb. 9, 2023 at 6 p.m. via Zoom. The meeting discussed the proposed alternatives for the Route 66 Improved Project (click here to view). You can watch a recording of meeting by clicking the button below. 

We encourage feedback throughout the length of the study. If you would like hard copies of the meeting materials, please call 505-418-4900 to speak with a project team member.

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In 2019, NMDOT and City of Gallup developed the Gallup Area Transportation Safety Plan and identified numerous safety issues within Gallup. These safety issues included roadway and intersection deficiencies, excessive traffic congestion causing delays, and inadequate roadway lighting.

In response to the findings in the Gallup Area Transportation Safety Plan, NMDOT expanded the study limits to include Milepost 11 to Milepost 27 and launched the Route 66 Improved Project to examine crash history, congestion, delays, transportation gaps, and other safety-related issues as well as analyze multimodal accessibility and compile stakeholder information within the Route 66 corridor. Additionally, various alternatives will be considered to address these issues, such as access management strategies, pedestrian and bicyclist access improvements, traffic calming opportunities, and other safety and operational improvements.  


The project team will then define priorities for development and evaluate more specific, detailed treatments for each roadway section or issue. Once these priorities are defined and further funding is identified, preliminary design and environmental documentation can be prepared for selected projects. 

Overview map showing project extent from Milepost 11 to 24, along the historic Route 66.
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